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less distinct evidence of the presence of pyaemia or septicaemia.

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he had refused to receive a boy suffering from that disease.

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examination was made on a coroner s warrant. Pus was detected in

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Babes of Bucharest giving particulars as to the results of the

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extirpation of the uterus. By cancer of the uterus that form

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children of over one year an Eastern food known as Salep misree

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in chapter vi. As we might expect the colouring matters of

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ness and other evidence of constitutional disturbance might

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become united by callus at one spot to the sternal fragment.

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situations where the sclerosis of the retinal connective tissue the

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the wall. It did not contain pus and was not plugged. The

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Dr. McMahon said from his observations on three cases of Spina

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were sterile and had had miscarriages. Hereditary history of cancer in

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A female who died from pyaemia. Post mortem. Purulent

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function of the centres of sensation and motion will have some

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When we turn to the second part of the book which deals with

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bathed in perspiration had very little thirst and the tongue