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liver. The patient was a sailor set. suffering from ascites
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months before he had successfully grafted part of the extensor tendon
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vation can be accomplished these may help in one of two
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almost simultaneously some tive or six children it was traced to
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the wall had been exposed to secure with forceps and dissecting
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heart to be making the most feeble and inefficient pulsations.
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be a sclerosis in parts of the retina where no abnormal pigmenta
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as the mucous membrane has united the result is complete. By
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hours. After its extraction two pints of urine were passed.
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Therapeutical Properties. Antithermic analgesic anti
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negative and positive parts being equal. At eight inches the
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irtant in health may it not be quite as important in disease
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this process. Certainly without electricity the patient would
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men of great eminence examined before Committees of the
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which now appears only doubled as in Fig. instead of trebled.
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before the Hospitals Association he states The Rev. Mr. Wright
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March of made a post mortem examination in the pre
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afterwards got crooked. Sir William Stokks endorsed llr.
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had entirely ceased and the face had a deadly pallor and for
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partly internally the patient was cured the third day.
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the reactions between the compounds of the phenol group and
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of general old peritonitis indicated by numerous adhesions. No sign of past
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gave a voice to the vague feeling of admiration with which
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