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which epidemics of the two diseases have been coincident the
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their claims to special legislation will be questioned severely criticised
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lasted four days and on three of those four the discharge
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each. There has been a decided improvement in the last few
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would then be on an equal footing with university students. The
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perfect wall or capsule of fibrous tissue from which arise
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elective The schools are represented. We do not question by
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offers a rapid method of closing large wounds and as the first case
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held at Leeds on August th were discussed. The following
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Cerebral Abscess and Tumours The Cerebral Circulation As
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She became anaemic breathless unable to walk unable almost
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In September she was very well indeed and was able to
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it may occur as I have indicated through pressure in pericarditis
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spection the funds proved to Ije inadequate. Would the general
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inventive genius rising superior to mechanical difficulties than the
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recurrence as to the advisability of any surgical interference at the
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the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital has been elected Medical
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tastes of the labouring classes are necessary to give reality to such
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Infant Life Protection. During the past year there have been
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vomited and later on a copious evacuation containing blood was
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place on alternate days. About thirty suspensions are generally
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fectious fevers with which it is important that sanitary authori
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sides should ba pledged to support him was entirely unacceptable
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destruction the products of which in the shape of hsanatin pig
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Senatus was in favour of the proposed alteration. The Court re
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protected against being burned. The body of the lamp itself
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meeting. Should the events of the session prove the truthfulness of
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was at no time affected nor was there any history of a former
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tenderness is really confined to the cutaneous surface. Perhaps
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character men of religion men who pray over what they do and