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than when this outrage upon the genital organs is self-inflicted.
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both kinds of posterior displacements do not together outnumber the
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follows: (1) of from 2 to 3 c.c. of blood in dextrose agar plates;
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subside, I direct the patient to continue to sponge his surface at least
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&ce turned to the left. The first incision was about half
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hernia, though it seem not likely to be a strangulated hernia, the operation
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such extensive adhesions to the sternum that further
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Dr. Maughlin. I think that nine out of ten cases of this dis-
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used for examining the drain in ease of an obstruction.
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lewd women is not so limited but that they can exercise the privilege
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September. — Bilious Diarrhoea is Curative; Disinfectants;
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early in the summer, and keep until December following,
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right superior and inferior thyroid arteries. The re-
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glide past with their decks and saloons a blaze of light, silent
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Yet it appeared that enough good was accomplished by its
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out producing the slightest moisture, or changing in the least its dry
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out periodical careful inspection of the most crowded districts and unsanitary
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turn." After the paste has rested, two more turns are to be
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veloped at all except a faint little patch of tiny pigment dots believed
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from the medical section of our present civilisation. All
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and this too by our Quaker cousins from Philadelphia, and when
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ally brings about some good results. So here is where I
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disease or injury to the foetal or infantile brain.
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throughout the chamber. In the upper classes, patients suf-
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the patient was taking twenty grains of the sulphate of quinia, daily,
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ously performs the function of the diseased organ, argue in favor
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Confirming those views, Lienaux adds to the descrip-
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nal walls was present in most of these cases, though the absence of
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Board would be greatly increased and its business could be
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disease. The sthenic action mast be reduced. A leech to the upper eyelid,
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in portions of varying size. On removal of these, or on their natural
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terior portion of the right lung is extensively collapsed, the lower lobe
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free irrigation. Other cases were shown of wry-neck.