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head of the humerus may be suspected whereas indications
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structures had been subjected to much handling or solid matter
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distinction has been conferred. This young Irish surgeon only
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are much more correct and exact in their researches. Beyond
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Avon Strood Sunderhuid Swansea Tadcaster Tamworth Tarviu Taunton
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influence of the local journal in question at a very high value. In
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brought under the direct cognisance of the senses e. g not
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tion of the memlers of the college staff to contribute a very large
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Champneys on a case of Caesarean section for contracted pelvis
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tions were one case in which amyloid infiltration vas marked
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the Hospital will give a brief address in SurgeiT and will show cases
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moved it having passed across to the opposite side. Previous to
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turned out to be rosettes fringed with clubs characteristic of acti
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strators of Pathological Anatomy in the Post mortem Room.
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be responsible for the cardinal symptoms of Bright s disease and
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even longer and as I cannot but believe gave us the great
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evaporates the alkaloid is precipitated and the dosage is
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masturbation in a boy aged Circumcision was performed in infancy for pro
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on Tempc aiure Diagnosis of Disease of Corpora Quadrigemina
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dental and to cultivate the higher poetry. These stern grim
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disease had disappeared or was disappearing from the greater
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and more blood flows into the arterial system. The systole of the
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the condition present by observing whether the central
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without calculation or artificial light and such spectacles
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disease which viewed in the light of modern bacteriological
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otherwise of subjective evidence such as various sensations
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This is followed by a somewhat rapid rise with exaggerated
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form as possible a supjdy of farinaceous matters and a vegetable
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plained of great pain and was in a very irritable condition
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case however severe it may be and with our present know
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The Cord in Epilepsy. Messrs. Gotch and Horsley towards
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highest iu Limerick and Belfast. The death rate from the principal zvmotic
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Von Ott a few years ago demonstrated that the body into which
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quence of the severe pressure to which it had been subjected
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the Children s Hospital under the care of Dr. Machell. It ran a
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rectum by half a dozen openings. She was too far gone for operation
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every month. The tumor had become smaller since January
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of the valves are found to be enlarged hypertrophied and