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Cancer of Stomach Septic Poisoning following Antitoxine
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character. I have had more severe cases this than in any former
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negative pole was connected to the internal electrode passed
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fever rheumatism rubeola erysipelas febrile puerperal state
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The drug is also an energetic purgative and a diuretic.
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phenacetin which he carried out in the clinic of Professor von
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ture which he called the French tincture to distinguish
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two months and had lasted three days. One day this lady
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They use it for preparing an arrow poison kombe. The
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cially in right iliac and hypogastric regions. He complained much of pain and
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sign the importance which has often been allotted to it and
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Thirty five applications in all twenty three positive and
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passed. The case was complicated by serous discharge from the
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This paper was also read by Mr. Hodoes. The child was born at
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disseminated pneumonias of catarrhal type are commonly recog
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consistent as it appears to me with our knowledge of its patho
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disease of this division in which the mortality equals that of the
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The catheter was required for a week. The lochia were
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fever. Summoned on the following day in the evening I found
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thus evidently one which would require to be punctured and
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Remarks on Appendicitis with Report of a Special Case.
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He admitted that some objection might be taken to this plan on
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on their death certificates with such causes of death as diarrhoea dysen
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oxygen and transformed. cubic centimetres into carbonic
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method practically with complete success in one case and with
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of a formed motion. On changing the pads over the abdo
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ture in cases in case haemorrhage occurred some days after operation
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was under examination throughout the day. We are informed
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larger mortality amongst troops than cholera. At Lucknow and
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selves very shortly after labour and were followed in a fort