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delivery, Manningham z gives us to understand, that
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this is more particularly the case with ether, which he considers
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It is a typewriter that the most expert stenographers
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Strong, L. C. : Further observations on the genetic nature of
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Kmic is due to so-called litha;mia ; and the simple
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In aiming to fulfill this duty, the art of healing must always depend,
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into the origin of malarial fever. It is difficult for him
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J. D. Page, Quebec. Dr. Gordon Bell. Winnipeg. Dr. H. MacNeill. Summer-
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Tided into thiise which affect the organs and nutrition in general ; those
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fluenza and pneumonia was on an American man-of-war that lay in
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mammae and the genitals, which was illustrated in the case of a
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Government Quarantine Station at Grosse Isle, Quebec, is doing
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terwards, to note the effect, but he never ailed any thing, although
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tirely original organ is not given for the purpose, but the anterior extremity-
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of the American Red Cross, which led to his calling together the inter-
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out of six cases that fell under his own care in Lucknow, the
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" surgeons continue to employ it, not because they look upon it
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" no bar to recognition on account of conduct, character, or
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is commenced various drawbacks will appear. This is. of course, well
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collected 325 undoubted cases under the age of two and a half years. Of
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potatoes, farinaceous puddings, jams, and fruit, are better avoided. These
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tial hemorrhage uf the kidney implies bleeding without demonstrable cause.
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The drug which I have selected to bring to your at-
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all the fluids are coloured by the bile; and yet none of these organs
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through the bloodvessels, because it must be the bloodvessels
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as a means of diagnosis as to the position of the organ, unless it
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the habit of drinking a half pint of gin daily) were
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after going to bed, thinking over plans for the next
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lar tissue- of the breasts. Such inflammation progresses through
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inconvenience, and passing the night in refreshing sleep.
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zyme and substrate must be the first step in the fermentative process.
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theoretically by some authors, but it was never employed by any of them, and it had fallen
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should be of the perfect symmetry and model of beauty. These
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the patients was 18 years, and the duration of the disease five and a