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sterile water. Calmette considers that an antivenin^ of which 2 Cc. will

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private owners, and is only hired from year to year.

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30. British Government Report of the Berlin Tuberculosis

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part in allergic diseases, some comment is probably


such an appeal, made in such a way, would have suffi-

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hours, gradually permitting small quantities of soft food as time

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cious because of their type ; that is to say, " by the numerical increase

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Complications. — Nephritis. — Albuminuria is not uncommon during

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spinal cord, below the eleventh dorsal vertebra, had entirely

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said : " Rare case. Have only seen two like it and I have

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4th, its frequency in connection with occupation; 5th, with nation-

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good, and the organ fairly movable. In this case I believe

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swallow the medicine which was directed for him. The nurse reports his

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In 1917 he had malaria, and quinine was given. On examina-

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scope of this paper. Cases occur that cannot be, or, at

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no more than there is a case of gout, or any other hereditary

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is only recorded once and the case is recorded seven times as cured by

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about strokes in association with tertiary syphilis were of great interest to

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aise, chilliness, digestive troubles, and anorexia, I have never ob-

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the mortality decreasing to one-half. It must be taken inttv

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and the oxalic acid stones are the most opaque. While

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jid is added, it is easily dissolved on boiling, b. It evolves prussic acid

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spasms ; it appeared, however, to preserve the same relations to that of the hand previously

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Menos, like thumos, is another "life energy" rather than "life

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this nature, it is exceedingly probable, that chymification is ac-

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Hoobler, associate professor of internal medicine at

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form the lateral portion of the lateral hllet, and end in its

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overlooked. In regard to the serviceability of the uterus for child-

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enteric, relapsing, simple continued, and infantile fevers) is rel-

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Definition. — A chronic aifection, usually located on the

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widely-gaping fracture extending through the supra-

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and 1 was a female; ages forty to fifty-four years. The duration

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this worm. Pheasants have been observed from time to time on the

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jjiving the patient very much pain, and upon manipu-

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texture of his philosophic writings. One has said of

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os'-socooicnncocD'-cvicoo r^r^CMco-<tcocooocococo i-cdcocococdt-

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remains unknown, and we then speak of auto-infection. In the greatest

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include eight majors in advance of 300, of which three must be in advance of 350.

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to be retained in the lymph nodes and remain alive a certain time (three to

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that will attract attention ; but they are suflicient to arouse