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tinuing slight febrile action and a persistently quickened pulse
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the first operation. The post mortem examination showed dilata
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If the actual facts of the case were definitely stated as Dr. Allan
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Note C. Two cases woi th mentioning were under the care of Prof.
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are the last great nervous centres to be affected by the anaes
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given for two minutes. It could scarcely have arisen from
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in ulcers and menorrhagia. Recommended by Newton as
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brilliant an assemblage on which to manifest their united charms
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successful nerve grafting in which a defect in the median was
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jaborandi. Pilocarpus pennatifolius belonging to the Order of
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Indians selected for the purpose. These four men have since been
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containing cavities and in the lower lobes there was extensive grey broncho
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going off like his mother and brothers. I made him pats some
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SuBSCarPTiONS to the Association for became due on January
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In watching the action of these organs many factors must be taken
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The dirty homes of the negro in the South Demerara and Bombay
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A Guinea pig weighing about oz. received subcutane
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the taste for sweet and bitter substances is lost for from two
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inhalation of the vapor of volatile substances. There is the
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this incision takes an ovoid form with its long axis parallel to
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Ophthalmic Hospital on September th and on his out