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generation it exists in all the patient's brothers and sisters,
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attack. On the following day, with great difficulty,
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not, or the reverse.'' (Witlliaus' Manual of Chemistry.)
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be infected in other countries, notably X. \V. India
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ments. — Dr. H. J. BoLDT said that the practice of minor
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cuneiform, and externally, with the external cuneiform bone.
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Scaphoid^ is on the radial side, and resembles a boat ; has a large
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with a negative family history except a history of hemi-
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sometimes bifid and grooved upon either side. The anterior is the
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entered materially into this relationship as much as the
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per by Borchgrevink of Christiana. He used apparatus
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acter, which did not go on to recovery under ordinary
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quisite must be the coordination of these little mus-
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S to 19 years 1,388 1,290 2 4 1.44 3.10 .. .... 2 .74 . ....
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that the intake of fat produced acetone. If a given case
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to milk depots which the New York .Milk Committee in-
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4, The causes that may give rise to fever during the
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estimation of the public in consequence of proceedings
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signs of pregnancy; there may be the characteristic f acies ;
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portant in tliat in connection with absence of general
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advice and assistance of the trained sanitarian. In
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nation of this disease, with the theory that predi-
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Health Report. — The following cases of smallpox,
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mitted that sometimes cancerous embolism might occur, biit
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connecting the superior longitudinal sinus with the veins
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order that a man who has served the institution with
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in the condition of the arteries, although there are no
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parent connection with the diet. In examining patients
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that university conferred on him the honorary D.C.L. .He
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dren. He stated that observations were noted in the
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growp^ sugar is generally converted into /ac^ic«czc/ during its passage
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and ridge for the coraco-clavicular ligament ; the space between
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diminution of its antitoxic function during the period of