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days had an hysterical attack when she was very depressed, opposi-

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generally through the medium of schools, etc. Unlike diph-

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patient may not lose consciousness, the attack may cause the patient

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and with gratitude for the great boon he has bequeathed to his

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speaker instanced one case where there had been perfect anal-

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logues of the British Museum and Berlin) ; the Hdivi

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nine, reversible upon discontinuation of therapy, were observed in about 0.2% ol patients with essential hypertension

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same country not simultaneously, but successively, the late

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The Endoscope in the Local Treatment of Chronic Gonor-

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met during the summer months. Colds and exposure and sudden

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It is certain that in such a case the gastric, intestinal, and biliary secretions

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greatly dependent on the duration of the sessions of

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a counter-stain, such as Van Gieson's, is necessary.

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put forth concerning this disease. The most prominent is that of

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fact be used as a substitute for table salt. It is really desirable that the pro-

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tlie production ot this first g^eneration from the Distoma^ and

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far as to cause distiirbance does the period of incubation end and

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at doses up to 55 times the human dose revealed no evidence of impaired fertility or

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question^ viz.^ on the Pathology of the Mind ; and now we may

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complained a great deal about his abdomen, and was put to bed.

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By the high section, on the other hand, thorough digital

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lightened communities where it should not prevail, to say

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purgation. Muscle segments from the intestinal tracts of sickly

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and found it at a smith's shop, near the pit in which he was en-

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towards the close of the stage ; at which time, even though he be still

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found him to be nothing but totally and completely honest

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Many important points are touched upon in reference to the symptoms

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dorsal surface, overhanging the glans like a hood. The

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cretory organs must not be allowed to become dormant, or the

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lip and renders the use of the handkerchief painful. Herpes labialis is

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and general bad feeling, and the patient feels that there is some-

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the operation, its technique, its indications, its advantages, etc.

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brane, is but a question of mechanical detail, not of

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matory puerperal fever which was prevalent in Sunderland. Venesection

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