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preliminary fixation. In the first method, four equally
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baths are often serviceable adjuvants; warm poultices or Preissnitz
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has occurrtd. This disease has prevailed extensively among us for several
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This shows the same phenomenon as in the case of the typhoid
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F.R.C.S. Eng., Professor of Ophthalmology in King's College, London.
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(5.) Every minute precaution, if wise, counts towards the result ; so that to
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directed for Bronchitis or Pneumonia. Owing to the danger from severe
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of the dispersion of the upper part of the spectrum. In
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brae, malposition of the ribs corresponding to the deranged
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Catechu, Fluid Extract of. — (Non-official.) — Dose same as Catechu.
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and probably without proper precautions. He was supposed to be
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spontaneously a greenish-yellow sediment consisting of crystals of tyro-
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sis has been criticised by Chauvel, who maintains that in 4
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Sixth. — It shows the cold and heat of climates as actually felt by
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