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there was no chain of responsibility so the organization would not

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umbilicts were present. This discharged pus for a few months

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exceeding that of any epidemic of small pox during the last

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next meeting of the Council. Meantime the Committee report

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I fully agree with him that if practicable such a sanitary regu

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to be variable but I am not aware if the importance of the

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for the giving of ether. The patients take it kindly with

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She is as might be expected very weak and is so bre

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of work done by many German investigators who as a whole

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different and most often a more serious nature or follows its

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the necessity for giving students practical instruction in the dia

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for. Let me now indicate clearly the points in which I agree

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tution during the year one is employed as a carman and is

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council room at the offices in the Strand. In order however to

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tose causes a temporary diabetes together with considerable

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Dr. King asked if there was no haematuria until the distention

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stage of growth. The lepra cells at first break up into colonies of

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He said that a voluntary association was prepared to take the

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growth is it aneurism abscess or cyst is it fixed or free

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promoted or upheld by the examinations as at present conducted can best be

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in these chapters not even minor matters are omitted as is shown

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The tumor is fully inch lower in the abdomen than it

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Therapeutical Properties. Suitable for subcutaneous in

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number of persons placed on the parochial relief list. He had no

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where the oily drops of trinitrin collect at the bottom.

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vestigated the histological changes in the kidneys muscles and

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